Personal Finance Round-Up: Taxes and Financial Clutter

doing taxesFiling annual taxes brings out so many questions. The rules are complicated, the system is confusing, and penalties for making a mistake are harsh. The confusion and consumption of time can cause a lot of frustration and stress.

One question I’ve always had is how long do I need to keep my records? My home is already cluttered enough, and my tax file drawer continues to grow year after year. Over the years, I’ve received a variety of advice on how long to hold onto records, but nothing I’d consider definitive. However, in an article entitled How Long Should You Keep Your Tax Records? at Money Blue Book, things are laid out clearly for the different types of tax filings. Take a look and get an answer to the question once and for all.

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The “it’s not my job” attitude has no place in the workplace. A company’s reputation is built upon every employee doing their best, no matter their job description.

The Barter System: What Do You Trade For? [Catalyst Blogger]
Bartering is not dead, it simply comes in a different form. No one barters for food anymore, but there are other things you can obtain by bartering, such as services and time.

Your 2012 Financial Blueprint [Farnoosh Torabi]
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How to Save Money on Gas and Electricity [Kylie Ofiu]
Summer will be here before you know it, and electricity costs will spike thanks to air conditioning. However, right now you can save on heating costs by following these tips.

How Self-Made Millionaires Succeed – Are You Making One of These Mistakes? []
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