• gina

    Also, if you get a raise, try to bank the extra money immediately. It is a big mistake to begin to get used to living on a larger paycheck. I recommend taking the extra money and seting up an automatic transfer to another account–out of sight out of mind!

    • Mark Riddix

      Great point!

  • http://fundtips.blogspot.com/ Daddy Paul

    I used to ride my bike to work every day. For each day I took the bike I put a buck in the jar.

  • http://madsaver.com Mac

    Good ideas. I have a hard time saving money, so #5 gave me a few ideas. After reading that, I checked ING Direct and they do allow recurring transfers from checking to savings, so I’m going to be doing that.

  • http://reducefootprints.blogspot.com Small Footprints

    You have the best ideas ~ I never thought about the “singles” and it’s a great idea!

    Thanks for offering us such great ideas and advice!

    • Mark Riddix


  • http://www.yourfinances101.com/blog David/Yourfinances101

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention a 401K.

    Its the best way I know how and I don’t even see the money…

    • Mark Riddix

      I never though of that one. Good idea.

      • Mark Riddix


    • Lisala

      But if you are saving for a goal, 401K isn’t the best because you stop accumulating retirement funds while the loan is out and you have to pay it back.

  • http://madsaver.com Mac

    Good call David. Never thought of that myself. Guess I do save money every paycheck in that way. :)

    Another way to save some money, if you have a 529 account for college, is sign up at upromise (http://www.upromise.com/welcome/how-it-works) and register your credit card(s) there. Each time you spend money on that credit card at select vendors, you automatically get a certain % back. No work at all, and every penny counts.

  • Winston

    Well, Wachovia right now offers a saving plan called Way2save. It automatically transfer $1 to your Wachovia saving account whenever you make a purchase with your debit card. And you can also transfer a fixed amount of money of your wishing to your saving account.

  • Karmella

    I keep a jar with any cash that accumulates, usually ones and fives and an occasional ten. It adds up fast – last time I cleared it out I had over $200.

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  • PepsiLover

    I’m saving up for a dog (1500 if adding supplies) and this is helpful

  • Macie

    Thanks so much I’m also saving up for a dog

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