Start a Business for $200 or Less

Good Morning America has been running a series called “Take More Control of Your Life” and this morning’s feature was starting a home-based business for $200 or less.  You have heard me talk about it before, and it is a reality that you can become an entrepreneur for very little money.  You don’t need thousands in venture capital or a huge small business loan from the bank to get started. 

This article and segment was geared more towards the stay-at-home mom that wants to earn some extra cash while running a household, however, the concepts are universal.  Make sure you pick something that you love doing, otherwise, it’s hard to grow a business that your heart is not behind. Find creative ways to market your business that generate free publicity.  Make sure you have a web presence!  Check out the article and the video for more tips and ideas.  I like these kinds of segments because they pump me up for the day that I will soon venture into full-time entpreneurship.