Tax Day Deals and Freebies

free starbucks coffeeThere’s nothing fun about the tax day deadline. If you haven’t filed yet, you may want to consider filing for an extension. If everything is ready to go and all you need to do is file, then do it online and through one of our favorite e-file websites, and enter a chance to win a FREE iPad. A few retailers are trying to make tax day a little more enjoyable by offering some nice deals and freebies. For those of you that owed taxes this year, you’ll take what you can get, right? Visit these retailers to get some free stuff and discounts.

FREE Starbucks coffee if you bring in a reusable travel mug (Wouldn’t this promo have made more sense on Earth Day? Oh well, I’m not Starbucks)

FREE Cinnabon bite-sized cupcakes from 6 – 8pm

FREE Maggie Moo’s ice cream “pizza” from 3 – 7pm

Boston Market. Buy one meal, get one meal FREE, Thursday through Sunday.

P.F. Chang’s. Get 15% off your meal, excluding beverages.

McCormick and Schmick’s. $10.40 meal deals in their bar all day tomorrow.

Whole Foods will pay for your sales tax all day tomorrow in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

It’s the little things that count, and at least some retailers are trying to make tax day a little easier for those who still aren’t done with them. And if you are done, then reap the rewards of some free stuff and sweet discounts!

  • Jeccica Simpson

    I will be taking advantage of alot of these promos today!! Thanks for the list.
    ANything to save $$$$! Happy B-Day to my daughter she is 10 years old today!! TAX BABY!!! HA HA HA!

  • gina

    Check before you go–not all are participating.

  • Em D.

    Free Starbucks is always great and I only have about a million reusable coffee mugs lying around my house… I think that might defeat the purpose :)

  • Mac

    A buddy of mine went to Starbucks today with his own mug and was the only one to do so while he was there. They were actually a little surprised that he brought a mug. Apparently, this promotion wasn’t as popular as expected. I would have taken advantage of it, but it didn’t include Mocha’s. :(

    However, I love Boston Market and may be eating there by Sunday. Best sweet potatoes around!

    • Winston

      Well, I don’t drink coffee. So that freebie is no use for me. However one of my friends did go to our local store with multiple mugs. But they said he could only get one.

  • Claudia

    McCormick and Smicks also has deals tomorrow, 4/16, for tax preparers.

  • Mac

    In addition to McCormick & Smicks, has an exhaustive list of the Tax day deals for today through the weekend at Too bad I missed Cinnabon though.

  • David/Yourfinances101

    There’s some great promos!

    Nice tie in with Tax Day!

  • Ben @ Money Smart Life

    Darn, guess I missed out on all the freebies, have to remember that for next year. Thanks for mentioning my article on filing for a tax extension!

  • M Habib

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  • Krotius Von Doogler

    Why do none of your posts have dates on them? Are you a spam site?