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6 Reasons to Avoid Bankruptcy – Alternatives for Your Debt Problems

When you have so much debt that it seems like you’ll never pay it off, bankruptcy can seem like your best or only option. But declaring bankruptcy carries long-term consequences that make it worth avoiding if you can. Learn how to avoid bankruptcy and why you should consider your other alternatives.
Dictionary Definition Of Bankruptcy

How to Declare & File for Bankruptcy – 8-Step Process

Filing for bankruptcy can be a long and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. To give you an idea of what to expect, here is an overview of the types of bankruptcy available to individuals, the bankruptcy filing process, and some common pitfalls to look out for.
Bankruptcy Concept Wooden Gavel Judge Court Debt

How Different Types of Debt are Treated in Bankruptcy (Chapter 7...

Many people who file for bankruptcy look at it as a chance to erase their debt and start over. Although that’s true for some bankruptcy cases, not all debts are treated equally. Read on to learn how different types of debt are treated in bankruptcy and how you can avoid any surprises in the process.
Rebuild Finances Credit After Bankruptcy

7 Steps to Rebuild Your Finances & Credit After Bankruptcy

Few life events are as stressful as bankruptcy. Every penny, asset, and source of income is put under the microscope for dissection. When it's...
Bankrupt Celebrities Rich Broke

6 Rich Celebrities Who Went Broke and Declared Bankruptcy

$1.2 million is a lot of money. According to a 2014 study by The Hamilton Project, that's about what the typical four-year degree holder earns...
Asset Protection Strategies

8 Asset Protection Strategies – How to Protect Your Wealth From...

The best offense is frequently a good defense. No matter how astute a business person you are, or how skilled you are as an...
Reasons Business Failing Companies

The Real Reasons Why Companies & Business Startups Are Failing

Running a business is very risky. In fact, an estimated 49% of businesses fail within their first five years and approximately 30% of businesses...
Bankruptcy Affect Credit Score

How Does Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit Score?

The main issue that discourages most people from filing bankruptcy is the detrimental effect is has on their credit. It's true that a bankruptcy...
Why File Bankruptcy

When and Reasons Why to File for Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy is a pretty extreme measure. But used in the right way at the right time, it can save you money, preserve your...
Chapter 7 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Which Should You File?

If you've decided to declare bankruptcy, it's important to understand the different types. Both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy offer unique benefits. Which...
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing Rules

What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Filing Rules & Information

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment, runaway interest rates and fees, and can provide you with a structured plan for paying...
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing Rules

What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Filing Rules & Means Test

When you think of bankruptcy, you probably think of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is sometimes referred to as a "straight bankruptcy" or a liquidation....