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22 Ideas to Make & Save an Extra $10,000 Fast (in...

Whether you need to buy a car, pay off credit card debt, or save for a mortgage down payment, an extra $10,000 wouldn’t hurt. But what if you need the money ASAP — in months rather than years? With some effort, that extra 10 grand is well within your reach. Here are many ways to make $10,000 fast.
Couple Standing Doorway Insurance Saleswoman

12 Best Renters Insurance Companies of 2021

No two renters insurance companies are alike, so before choosing a policy, carefully consider each company’s relative strengths and weaknesses. These are our top picks for the best renters insurance companies to consider today.
Senior Citizen Couple Walking Park

12 Best Life Insurance Companies of 2021

If you’re shopping for a life insurance policy, you’ve got plenty of high-quality options to choose from. These life insurance companies are among the best.
Bride Groom Figurine Stack Coins

17 Conversations to Have About Money Before Getting Married

The sooner you start having hard conversations with your partner, the better off you’ll be. So if you’ve been avoiding having the money talk with your partner, it’s time to open a bottle of wine, light a candle, and sit down for a financial date. Don’t know where to start? These prompts can help.
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22 Smart Financial Money Moves to Make in Your 50s

When you reach your 50s, you can no longer afford the illusion that retirement is some far-distant concern for another day. You need to laser focus on long-term financial planning and begin adjusting your budget as you get older and your needs change. Learn the smart money moves to make in your 50s.
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11 Best Money Market Accounts With the Highest Rates in 2021

Money market accounts (MMAs) offer nice interest rates with short-term, checking-like flexibility. These are the best free MMA options available at U.S.-based online and traditional banks and credit unions right now.
Businessman Working Computer Office

How to Track Your Small-Business Expenses for Tax Deductions

Keeping track of your small-business expenses can qualify you for tax deductions — but only if you’ve kept a record of them. Thankfully, there are many reliable options for manual and digital expense tracking for you to choose from. Learn how to track expenses for small-business tax deductions.
Child Handing Jar Coins Bank Teller

10 Best Bank Accounts for Kids Under 18 (Checking & Savings)...

Opening a bank account for your kids and becoming a joint account holder is a great way to teach kids basic money management skills like budgeting, saving, and setting long-term financial goals. We round up the best checking and savings accounts for kids under age 18.
Woman Putting Laundry Washer

9 Simple Ways to Save Money on Laundry Costs

Nothing in the world is certain except death, taxes — and laundry. Families do eight to 10 loads per week, and given the cost of electricity, water, and detergent, the costs add up. Fortunately, with just a few easy tricks, you can cut the cost of your weekly wash by half or even more.
Woman Shoveling Dirt Garden Backyard

15 Ways to Save Money Landscaping Your Yard

If you have a yard, you’ve probably daydreamed about what you want it to look like. But landscaping costs keep many homeowners from breaking ground. Fortunately, you don’t need to hire a professional landscaper. You just have to get your hands dirty to save money on landscaping costs.
Coverdell Esa Education Saving Account. Note Pad And Piggy Bank.

What Is a Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) – Rules &...

Student loan debt is growing six times faster than the U.S. economy. Fortunately, the government offers a tax-advantaged account called a Coverdell education savings account to help you save and invest money for higher education. Is it the right choice for your family?
Man Counting Cash Money

17 Best Rewards Checking Accounts of 2021

How does your bank or credit union checking account stack up to the most generous rewards checking accounts on the market? It might be time to shop around for one that makes it worthwhile to park your walking-around money in. These interest- and rewards-bearing accounts top our list.