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Workers’ Compensation & COVID-19 – What You Need to Know

Work-related COVID-19 illness is eligible for workers’ compensation — but determining whether an infection is eligible and whether it warrants a claim isn’t always clear-cut. If you’ve been diagnosed with the virus, find out what you need to know about filing a workers’ compensation claim.
Unemployment Benefits Chalkboard Chalk

Unemployment Benefits During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Guide

In March 2020, the United States’ longest economic expansion in modern history ran into the buzzsaw of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing an unprecedented spike in jobless claims. But the vast majority of workers are eligible for state unemployment benefits. Follow these steps to apply.
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How to Save Money on Lumber Costs – 16 Tips to...

Lumber’s price increase has some homeowners feeling the pinch. Fortunately, there are ways the lumber-seeking public can trim the cost of wood. These strategies for saving money on wood reduce the cost of buying lumber for home improvement projects and woodworking.
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14 Best High-Yield Checking Accounts That Pay You Interest – Rates...

An impressive number of online banks offer relatively high yields on checking accounts even though interest rates are currently low by historical standards. These are among the best high-yield checking accounts at American banks and credit unions right now.
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HSA vs. FSA – Differences Between These Health Care Spending Accounts

Health care consumers can turn to two similar but distinct supplemental plans — health care flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts — to cover costs not covered by insurance. But it’s essential you understand the differences and determine which is best for your needs.
Bank Account Promotions

26 Best New Bank Account Promotions & Offers – May 2021

There's no shortage of enticing opportunities for banking clients right now. But sorting through the best offers can be tricky. So we've done the work for you. Read on for our roundup of the best bank promotions for this month and the requirements you must meet to qualify for each.
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The Pros & Cons of Bitcoin as a Digital Investment

Bitcoin (BTC) is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. As the market leader in the crypto space, it has a lot of built-in advantages. But Bitcoin also has some important downsides that should give investors and everyday users pause. Learn the key pros and cons of holding and using Bitcoin.
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How to Best Use Your COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Payment

The United States Senate just passed the broadest economic stimulus measure yet in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while not everyone has the luxury of saving their $1,200 stimulus payments for a rainy day, there are several ways those who do can put it to good use — for themselves or others.
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What Is Bitcoin – History, How It Works & Security Features

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular and versatile cryptocurrency around. For all its promise and recent value growth, BTC remains a niche digital currency that's subject to wild value fluctuations. Learn about what Bitcoin is, its history, how it works, how it’s mined, and its security risks.
How To Get Free Starbucks

How to Get Free Starbucks Drinks — 10 Ways to Get...

With most Starbucks drinks ranging from $3 to $5, getting a latte every day isn’t a favorite habit of financial advisors. The good news is it’s possible to get free or seriously discounted Starbucks to help you get your coffee fix without breaking the bank.
Tips Avoiding Airline Checked Baggage Fees

15 Tips for Avoiding Airline Checked Baggage Fees

One of the downsides of airfare-comparison websites is that they allow airlines to hide fees and appear to be the lowest fare. And the most common of those hidden fees is the cost of checking a bag. But there are ways to save on the cost of checked baggage — or even avoid checking one altogether.
Eat Cheap Traveling Vacation

22 Ways to Eat Cheap & Save on Food While Traveling...

Food is one of the most expensive costs of a business trip or family vacation. But you can find ways to shave a few dollars off your trip food budget at every meal. Implement these cost-effective strategies for saving money on food on your next trip.