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Online Tax Preparation Software

What’s the Best Online Tax Preparation Software? TaxAct vs TurboTax vs...

In recent years, it's taken me much longer than I'd like to complete and e-file my state and federal income tax returns. That's because...
Tax Deductions Scrabble Letters Desk

How to Use the Qualified Business Income Deduction to Reduce Taxes

To help small businesses thrive, the U.S. tax code provides several tax breaks and incentives. One of the newer incentives is Section 199A, also known as the qualified business income deduction. But understanding who can claim the deduction and calculating it is no easy task.
W 4 Tax Withholding Form

W-4 Withholding Tax Form – Instructions for Exemptions & Allowances

Each time you begin a new job, one of the forms your new employer asks you to fill out is a Form W-4, which helps them determine how much federal income tax to withhold from your paycheck. But a lot has changed about that form. Find out what you need to know to fill it out accurately.
Post Its 401k Ira Roth Question Mark Retirement Tax Free

Types of Tax-Advantaged Accounts for Retirement, Education, & Health Care

Savvy taxpayers can slash their tax bill using a range of tax-sheltered accounts, but these can seem confusing and often sound alike. Which combination of retirement accounts, education accounts, and health savings accounts can help you save on your tax bill? Read on to learn more.
Men Discussing Percentage Sign Interest Tax Calculator

States With the Lowest Overall Tax Burden (Income, Property & Sales)

State and local taxes in the U.S. add up to real money. There’s a huge difference between the highest-taxed states and the lowest. If you’re considering where to set down roots or looking to move to a lower cost-of-living area, read on to learn which states offer the lowest tax rates.
Irs 1040 Form Tax Schedule F Farming

Schedule F (Tax Form 1040) Instructions – Farming Profit/Loss

Like any other business, farmers must pay taxes. Farms that operate as sole proprietors, trusts, partnerships, LLCs, and S corporations use Schedule F to report their farming income and expenses. Not sure how to fill it out? These instructions will get you started.
Us Federal Tax 1040 Schedule D

Schedule D (Tax Form 1040) Instructions – Capital Gains & Losses

Do you buy and sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment property? If so, you need to familiarize yourself with IRS Schedule D, the form used to report capital gains and losses. Here is your guide to completing the Schedule D Tax Form correctly and painlessly.
Nanny Tax Block Letter Dice

Nanny Taxes – How to Pay for Your Household Employee (Schedule...

Research shows that spending money on time-saving services like nannies and housekeepers can promote happiness and lead to greater life satisfaction. But it can get you into hot water if you aren’t aware of household employment taxes, also known as the nanny tax.
Schedule E Irs Form 1040

Schedule E (Tax Form 1040) Instructions – Supplemental Income & Loss

If you earn rental income, receive royalties, or have income from a pass-through entity such as a partnership or S corporation, you’ll need to complete IRS Schedule E when you file your taxes. Reporting supplemental income can be confusing but the form itself is pretty simple. Learn how to complete it here.
Tax Attorney Gavel Cash Calculator Tax Irs Form

When Does It Make Sense to Hire a Tax Attorney?

You never know when you’ll face a complex tax situation that calls for outside help. When your tax issues are too complex to handle on your own, hiring a tax attorney makes sense. Not sure if you need a lawyer? Ask yourself these three questions to find out.
Short Sale Foreclosure

Tax Implications & Consequences of a Short Sale or Foreclosure

Every year, a million homes enter foreclosure and many more people are forced to sell back to the bank for less than their home is worth. Foreclosures and short sales are bad enough, but few people consider the tax implications — until they file their tax return and realize the worst isn’t over.
Tax Evasion Letters Desk Notebook Coffee

IRS Tax Evasion Fraud Definition & Penalties – What If You...

Admit it. At some point during tax season, you’ve likely had the thought: “What if I just don’t file?” Whether you skip filing or just don’t pay, that’s called tax evasion, and it can lead to stiff penalties and jail time. But you can prevent that sticky situation — even if you can’t afford to pay.