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H&R Block Review 2024: Online Tax Filing Software

Our rating


H&R Block

H&R Block Pros

  • Option to work remotely with live tax preparers
  • Online and in-person audit support
  • More affordable than other full-service tax prep companies
  • Pay filing fees with your state or federal refund

H&R Block Cons

  • High fees to pay with your return
  • Less experienced filers may need human help
  • More expensive for complex tax situations

H&R Block makes one of the most popular online tax preparation programs. It’s ideal for a broad range of tax situations, though people with complicated taxes may feel more comfortable paying more to walk into H&R Block’s brick-and-mortar offices for help.

H&R Block sits between affordable DIY services like TaxAct and pricier, more expansive services like TurboTax. It also offers live support and virtual tax preparation services for hands-off filers seeking assistance at below-market prices. Plus, you get on-demand access to tax experts, enrolled agents, or certified public accountants.

The result is an online tax filing system that appeals to almost everyone, including filers wary of the DIY model. But there’s so much more to know about how H&R Block can help you get your taxes done.

H&R Block Plans & Pricing

1. Free Online

H&R Block‘s free version is ideal for filers with relatively simple tax situations, including those who need to itemize deductions, report dividends or interest income, and file Schedule EIC for the earned income tax credit. Your federal and state returns are both free.

Given that it costs you nothing, H&R Block’s free plan comes with a host of handy features.

  • W-2 Importing and Photo Upload. You can import unlimited W-2s and record all W-2 income, which is a big help if you have multiple jobs. Simply snap a smartphone pic and use the secure photo upload tool.
  • Automatic Past-Year Return Importing From Competitors. You can also import prior-year tax returns from competing tax prep services, including popular options like TurboTax and lesser-known services like Taxhub. Just create a PDF version of your prior-year return and drag it into the field when prompted.
  • Importing Other Forms. You can also import several other forms, though not photographically: 1095-A, 1099-DIV, 1099-R, and 1099-INT.
  • Support for Affordable Care Act Requirements. After entering your personal information, you answer a series of questions about your health insurance coverage during the tax year.
  • Technical Support. Free filers have access to H&R Block’s live chat system for technical support only. If you want your tax questions answered by a human, you must upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Refund Advance Loan. If you complete your tax return in a brick-and-mortar H&R Block earlier during tax season, you can take a refund advance loan of up to $3,000. It’s a 0%-interest cash-advance loan on your expected tax refund. H&R Block can load your advance onto a reloadable prepaid debit card within 48 hours.

2. Deluxe

The Deluxe Plan costs $49 to file your federal tax return and an additional $39.95 to file your state taxes. You can choose to pay extra for the Deluxe + State plan, in which case one state return would be included at no additional charge.

It’s ideal for filers with retirement income or investment capital gains or losses and those who made charitable donations with a total value of over $500 during the tax year.

It comes with all the features and functions of the free plan, plus:

  • Itemized Deductions. You can itemize your deductions (file a Schedule A) with this version. If you’re unsure whether to itemize, H&R Block’s interview questions can guide you toward the appropriate choice.
  • Support for Filers With Charitable Donations. This version offers detailed guidance and support for those who made cash and noncash charitable contributions worth more than $500 during the tax year (IRS Form 8283).
  • Automatic Past-Year Return Importing From H&R Block. This plan comes with free automatic importing for prior-year returns from H&R Block without requiring a PDF conversion.
  • Expert Phone Support. Deluxe filers have free unlimited chat access to H&R Block’s in-house tax experts during posted business hours. That’s different from the live tax experts service, which charges extra for expert work.

3. Premium

The Premium plan costs $75.99 for your federal return. State returns cost $49, but one state filing is included in the base price.

Premium is ideal for filers with significant investment income, including rental property owners and those with some self-employment income. It includes everything that comes with the Deluxe plan, plus:

  • Support for Freelancers and Independent Contractors. If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor with substantial self-employment income but minimal business expenses, Premium provides all the necessary forms and support to complete your taxes. If you’re not sure whether you qualify as self-employed, check the IRS website.
  • Support for Schedule B. Filers with more than $1,500 in ordinary dividend or interest income generally need to file Schedule B. This version provides full support for doing so, including checks for appropriate credits and deductions.
  • Support for Schedule D. If you incurred capital gains or losses from the sale of securities, real property, and other assets, you likely need to file Schedule D. H&R Block Premium offers support and guidance.
  • Support for Schedule E. If you own and earn income from rental real estate and certain other sources, you’re likely required to file Schedule E. Premium offers full support for Schedule E filers, including all supplementary forms, and double-checks for credits and deductions.
  • Expense Importing From Compatible Apps. If you use a third-party app to keep track of tax-deductible personal or business expenses, this plan may allow you to import them automatically without any need for manual entry. Check H&R Block’s website to confirm your app is eligible.

4. Self-Employed

The Self-Employed plan is ideal for business owners, the self-employed, and others with complex tax situations. Unincorporated sole proprietors and solopreneurs with formal legal business structures can also use this plan.

The Self-Employed plan costs $115 to file your federal return. State returns cost $49 each.

This plan comes with all the features and functions of the Premium plan, plus:

  • Support for Schedule C. If you own your own business or have substantial income from business activities and valuable business deductions to match, you’re likely required to file Schedule C. The Premium plan provides all the support necessary to do so, including double-checks for all applicable credits and deductions.
  • Support for Rideshare Operator Income. If you work part-time or full-time as a rideshare app driver, you need to upgrade to this plan.
  • Support for Partnership and Trust Income. If you earned income from a partnership, trust, or S corporation, you’re likely required to file Schedule K-1. H&R Block’s Premium version provides all the necessary support.

H&R Block Features

Live Tax Experts

H&R Block’s live tax experts assistance product (formerly known as Online Assist) is available with all plans, including the free one. It includes unlimited online help from qualified tax experts and tax prep specialists, including enrolled agents and CPAs.

You can access these experts on demand with no limitations and share your screen with them from any device.

This service is ideal for DIY filers eager to have their work checked by a professional without schlepping to an H&R Block office. This option adds at least $39.99 to each plan’s final cost and more if you need to file a state return.

Virtual Tax Preparation

H&R Block’s virtual tax preparation service, formerly Tax Pro Go, is a remote tax prep service that taps H&R Block’s army of certified tax professionals. It’s far more hands-off than H&R Block’s DIY software offerings, and you can complete the entire process in the comfort of your own home without ever setting foot in an H&R Block office.

Virtual tax preparation pricing is customized based on the nature and complexity of your tax situation. Pricing starts at about $80 for the most basic federal returns, with additional fees for state returns. More complicated situations can cost well over $200, though.

Virtual Tax Preparation gives you the support of a real person without needing to meet with them physically. The typical process is:

  • Onboarding Questions. Answer questions about your life and tax situation — things like marital status, dependents, income sources, and investments. Based on your answers, the system matches you with an H&R Block tax pro qualified to assist with tax situations like yours.
  • Upfront Pricing. See the price upfront before continuing with the process. Your price won’t vary as long as your situation isn’t materially different from your representations.
  • Document Upload. Upload every document necessary to complete your return. You don’t have to upload everything at once, so you can start early in the season and return to the upload interface as documents trickle in.
  • Tax Pro Consultation. The consultation allows you and the tax pro to discuss specifics. Following the consultation, you can use a secure messaging system if you need to follow up.
  • Return Preparation. Your tax pro prepares your return within five business days. They then send you a draft copy of your return with detailed explanations of everything, from credits to deductions. Review everything, and don’t be afraid to ask pointed questions if there’s anything you don’t understand.
  • Payment and E-File. As soon as you sign off on your return, the system prompts you to pay your agreed-upon prep fees by electronic financial transfer, credit card, or refund draw (which incurs an extra fee). The IRS notifies you when it accepts your return.

Accuracy Guarantee

For all plans, H&R Block has an accurate calculation guarantee. If the software makes an error that results in an IRS penalty, H&R Block agrees to pay that penalty and any associated interest up to $10,000 per tax year.

Real-Time Refund Updates and Explanations

As you prepare your return, the amount of your federal refund — visible on the left sidebar — fluctuates with each new piece of information you enter. These updates occur in real-time and come with detailed explanations about the change, a useful feature if you want to learn more about how taxes work.

Create Your Account Later

H&R Block allows you to begin preparing your tax return without creating an H&R Block account. You still have to create one before you file and pay or if you want to save your return to finish later.

In-Person Audit Support

H&R Block offers in-person tax audit support to all filers as an add-on that costs about $20, regardless of plan. Support is available at your local office and includes:

  • Reviewing and interpreting notices
  • Recommending and helping you gather documents to respond to an audit
  • Reviewing audit findings
  • Offering advice on how to respond (including how to appeal, though H&R Block’s audit support doesn’t include appeals)

Pay With Your Refund (Refund Transfer)

H&R Block’s Refund Transfer service allows you to pay for its tax preparation services with your federal or state refunds, eliminating the need to pay out of pocket when you file.

There’s a processing fee of $39 to pay your federal filing fees with your federal refund. Check H&R Block’s website for up-to-date information about the cost of paying state filing fees with your state refund.

Prepaid Debit Card Refund

H&R Block lets you receive your refund as an Emerald Prepaid Mastercard, a reloadable prepaid debit card.

Once you’ve spent your refund, you can continue to reload the card and use it as you would any other Mastercard-branded payment card. Fees for reloading, ATM withdrawals, and other activities may apply, but there’s no setup fee or monthly maintenance fee.

Refund Bonus

When you elect to receive your tax refund on an Amazon gift card, you’re eligible to receive a 3% bonus on your total refund balance — for example, $30 on a $1,000 refund. There’s no bonus for refunds received via any other method, such as direct deposit or credit against quarterly estimated tax payments.

Tax Identity Shield

For an additional cost of about $20 per year, H&R Block offers year-round tax identity theft protection and restoration through its Tax Identity Shield program.

Tax Identity Shield is less comprehensive than traditional identity theft protection and restoration services like LifeLock. It’s specifically for taxpayers concerned about people filing false tax returns in their name — and pocketing their refunds.

H&R Block User Experience

Because H&R Block uses an interview model, it’s customizable and easy to use regardless of your financial circumstances. It’s also available on any device, so you can work on your taxes anywhere you have internet access.

It also helps you match with the best tax product for you by auto-populating information from previous filings and asking some basic questions about any changes over the last year. Rather than complete every question by hand, you can upload previous tax returns and necessary forms, such as your W-2 or 1099, to save time and reduce errors.

The software keeps track of your progress as you complete each step, which can help you budget your time and energy appropriately. There are lots of links and pop-up menus throughout the process to explain jargon and other items that may be confusing to a regular person.

H&R Block Customer Support

H&R Block has a competitive advantage over many comparable online tax software because customers can physically visit a location if they’re struggling to make sense of their taxes. H&R Block office locations are open 7 days a week, 7 AM to 10 PM on weekdays and until 8 PM on weekends.

Customers who prefer a virtual approach can contact customer support via online chat and phone at 1-800-472-5625. The customer support lines are available from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. These direct customer support lines are unlimited and free of charge but not intended for answers to tax questions; they are more for questions about the service and troubleshooting errors.

Advantages of H&R Block

H&R Block’s highlights include several user-friendly features that give you flexibility and save time.

  • More Affordable Than Some Alternatives. H&R Block offers a mix of affordability and comprehensive service. Though the free version can’t handle complex tax situations, the Deluxe and Premium plans can — at a lower cost than the comparable TurboTax plan. And while H&R Block isn’t as cheap as some value competitors, its robust suite of add-on services is worth the added expense for many taxpayers.
  • In-Person Audit Support Inspires Confidence. If you receive a request for clarification or formal audit notice from the IRS, the company makes its tax professionals (in a network of about 10,000 physical tax preparation franchises) available to assist you for a small fee, regardless of your plan or filing method.
  • You Can Pay Filing Fees With Your Federal and State Refunds.H&R Block allows you to pay your tax prep fees with your refunds. That means you don’t have to pay upfront, which can be convenient if cash is tight.
  • Easy Access to Physical Branches.If your situation is more complicated than you anticipated and you’re not confident enough to complete your return on your own or with online assistance, your nearest H&R Block probably isn’t far.
  • Live Tax Experts Option Is Convenient for Busy Filers. If you want the peace of mind of a pro reviewing your return but are too busy to take your documents into H&R Block, the live tax experts service entitles you to a comprehensive professional review for an additional fee that won’t be higher than H&R Block’s in-person prep fee.
  • Robust Importing From Other Tax Prep Programs. Drag-and-drop importing eliminates the need to convert your prior-year tax return to a compatible file type. No matter where you last filed, you can switch to H&R Block with just a few clicks.
  • Virtual Tax Preparation Is an Easier, Cheaper Alternative to In-Office Prep. H&R Block’s virtual tax preparation is a time-saving option for filers who lack the time for DIY or in-office tax prep but want a professionally prepared return. It’s only a little more expensive than DIY and significantly cheaper than working with an independent CPA.

Disadvantages of H&R Block

H&R Block isn’t without its downsides, however few. Lowlights include the expensive Refund Transfer fee, a tax prep process that can be confusing for novices, and higher fees for complex tax situations than some value-driven competitors.

  • Paying With Your Refund Can Be Expensive. Though it’s convenient to pay for H&R Block’s tax prep services with your refund, it doesn’t come cheap. H&R Block’s Refund Transfer service charges a heftier processing fee than most competitors.
  • Interview Process Can Be Confusing for Novices. While H&R Block is constantly tweaking its DIY tax prep process, the interface has long been less thorough than some competing full-service tax prep platforms. If it’s your first time doing your taxes on your own, it could take longer or force you to pay more for human help.
  • Expensive for More Complex Tax Situations. H&R Block isn’t the most expensive online tax prep option, but it’s closer to the top than the bottom for filers with more complex tax situations. If you’re comfortable doing your own taxes, consider a budget-friendly option that requires more DIYing.
  • E-filing fee: H&R Block charges an additional $19.95 to e-file taxes, and it’s transparent about this fee upfront unless you know to look for it in the fine print.

How H&R Block Stacks Up

H&R Block shares the spotlight with numerous other online tax prep programs. Its best-known competitor is TurboTax, another full-service provider that offers multiple levels of tax expert assistance.

 H&R BlockTurboTax
Free PlanYes, for simple situations (including Earned Income Tax Credit)Yes, for simple situations (including Earned Income Tax Credit)
Expert AssistanceYes, online starting at $70; prep by pros starts at about $850Yes, free online for simple situations; prep by pros starts at about $100
Pay With Your Refund?Yes, for an additional feeYes, for an additional fee
Cost for Self-Employed FilersStarting at about $115Starting at about $129

Who Should Use H&R Block?

H&R Block’s interview questions, intuitive process that allows you to upload your own forms, its status as a household name, and access to in-person support options make it a good option for taxpayers who want a more personal touch than the run-of-the-tax filing software, but it may not be the best fit for customers seeking the cheapest option.

If you have a simple tax situation, you’ll likely succeed with any online tax software, so it’s best to shop around for the best bang for your buck. Complex situations require more nuance, so online tax filing may not be for everyone

Your online tax preparation program decision isn’t one to make lightly. Whether you expect a refund or know you’ll owe money, you want to minimize your liability. And if you have a complicated tax situation, you need to avoid making mistakes that could raise your risk of an audit.

Check out our list of top-rated free online tax preparation services for more online tax choices.

The Verdict

Our rating


H&R Block

H&R Block Pros

  • Option to work remotely with live tax preparers
  • Online and in-person audit support
  • More affordable than other full-service tax prep companies
  • Pay filing fees with your state or federal refund

H&R Block Cons

  • High fees to pay with your return
  • Less experienced filers may need human help
  • More expensive for complex tax situations
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