Build Wealth To Give Back To Others

As a Christian, I am very familiar with the Christian scene. Many times, Christians take scripture, and they interpret it based on what it means to them. They forget to look at the context from which it was written, who was writing it, and for what reason it was being written. The verse that states, “the poor will inherit the kingdom of heaven”, is a verse which is often misinterpreted. Never in the Bible does it say that being wealth is a sin. When Jesus is speaking to the masses, he is intending to warn those that love money. If you are obsessed with money, possessions, and the pursuit of becoming even more rich, you will have a harder time accepting what Jesus teaches, because you will have all of your needs met. You’ll have a great house, plenty of food, plenty of attention, and tons of toys to distract you from what is most important in life.

The Point: Having money is not a bad thing. The way you handle your money and what you do with it is the most important thing.

When I was convicted about how I was handling money four years ago, I realized that I wanted to start helping other people my age with money management. Two years later, I started this blog. I hope that you realize when I write an article about what I think the best way is for you to build wealth, I’m not trying to help you become obsessed with being rich. In fact, I’m trying to help you do the opposite. My philosophy about building wealth is the slow and steady philosophy. If you follow all of the non-glamorous 11 principles of a Money Crasher, it’s inevitable that you’ll be wealthy during the last half of your life. So, what do you do with that money when you do have it? Hoard it all for yourself? Buy a Hummer, a house on the golf course, and travel to every country in the world?

Doing those things wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if you were giving generously to others. I believe that God blesses us with wealth so that we can give back to those that don’t have the privilege of being in one of the most wealthy countries in the world. Yeah, I know this is a mushy-gushy, feel-good article, but I just wanted to explain my motivation for wanting to help others accumulate wealth. Not only will your family life flourish if you are handling money correctly, but you will put yourself in a position to give back and show your appreciation for the success you’ve been blessed with.

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    I already gave to my landlord (more than half my income) and my employer (he made $3M last year, employees make minimum wage).

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    I read in SIkhism, they say that a person should give 10% of his income to charity or something, I think that is a nice option too.