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    Pat, very comprehensive advise. You can write an article on each one of these points. But they are all so true and part of what you need to stay on top of your finances. Most of the time people make decisions based on where they THINK they are but when you do the above steps on paper the reality can be very different and eye opening.

    Therein lies the value of the budget – once you know where you really stand then you can make sound decisions with your money. That is why I say that a budget actually gives your freedom instead of take it away like so many people think.

  • Harei

    This article really covers the basics and I found a free web app that makes it easy to get a handle on all these important points, it’s called Out Of THE DARK (OOTD) Budgeting.

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  • http://www.coralseamercantile.com.au Coral Mercintile

    This whole site gives me hope and thank you for such for awesomes tips!

  • Guest

    These are really good tips for someone who has little clue on how to budget their finances. I really appreciate your Budgeting advice, thanks.

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