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Part Time Jobs Health Insurance

11 Best Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance Benefits

Just 23% of part-time workers in civilian occupations have access to employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. Fortunately, some companies still offer health insurance and other benefits to employees who work part-time jobs (less than 30 hours per week). Here are some of the best opportunities.
Taxable Fringe Benefits Income

5 Taxable Fringe Benefits You Must Report as Income to the...

Many employers and employees think of fringe benefits as freebies that don’t impact the employee’s taxable income. But that’s not always the case. Leaving them out of the employee’s wages can be a costly error to make. Learn more about fringe benefits and which ones you do and don’t have to report.
Man Woman Pile Of Coins Gender Wage Gap

The Gender Wage Gap – Do Men Really Earn More Than...

The difference between women’s and men’s earnings is called the gender wage gap or gender pay gap — and there’s a lot of disagreement about what causes it and how to think about fixing it. Learn what the gender pay gap is, how it’s measured, and the main reasons women earn less than men on average.
Employer Tuition Reimbursement Program

The Many Benefits of an Employer Tuition Reimbursement Program & Policy

Employees are your company’s most important asset, and a tuition reimbursement program is an employee perk that shows you’re invested in their long-term success. Read on to learn the benefits of offering an employer tuition reimbursement program and some common eligibility conditions you can set.
Female Student Siting On Bench Checking Account Online Browsing

8 Best College Student Checking Accounts in 2021

If you’re a student looking for a place to park your money without excessive fees or unrealistic balance requirements, check out the impressive array of low-cost, low-balance checking accounts available to students. These are among the top FDIC-insured checking accounts for U.S.-based students.
Gap Year Written On Rock Beach Travel

High School Grads: Start College in Fall 2021 or Take a...

Before committing to a traditional four-year college program, many high school graduates consider taking a gap year. Find out why you might consider a gap year, the risks of doing so, and a list of questions to ask yourself to help decide whether taking a year away from school is right for you.
Jobs Letters Magazine Cut Outs Corkboard Thumbtack

Top 27 Recession-Proof Jobs & Careers – Do They Exist?

There’s no such thing as a 100% recession-proof job. But as you prepare for the next recession, keep these recession-resistant jobs in mind. Now may be the perfect moment to switch careers, both to boost your income and protect your career in the event of a global recession.
Girl Barista Summer Job

12 Great Summer Jobs for High School Students

Working during the summer is a great opportunity for teenagers to make money and gain experience. Deciding what you want to do is the hard part. There are plenty of great entry-level jobs for students that pay rather well and tend to be more plentiful during the summer. Read about some of the best.
Reasons Still Hate Job

5 Reasons Why You’re Still at the Job You Hate and...

Although quitting a job you aren’t happy with can seem like an easy solution to your problem, reality is usually a lot more complicated. Here are the most common reasons people feel stuck in jobs they don’t enjoy and tips for how to quit a job you hate in favor of a more fulfilling opportunity.
Woman Smiling Working Computer

How to Survive a Job Without Benefits: DIY Health Insurance, Retirement...

If your job doesn't provide employee benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, or sick leave, you have to provide these perks on your own. It takes some planning and creativity, but it can be done. Here’s how.
Food Pizza Box Pickup

Working for DoorDash vs. Grubhub as a Driver – Which Pays...

Food delivery is a booming industry, which is great news for anyone wanting to earn extra money in the gig economy. DoorDash and Grubhub each offer users a way to earn money working independently on their own schedule. Which is a better side hustle? Read on to find out which is a better fit for you.
Portfolio Professional Office Supplies

How to Create a Professional Work Portfolio – Examples of What...

A work portfolio showcases your professional skills and abilities by highlighting successful projects, work samples, testimonials, and your expert knowledge in a tangible, easy-to-digest format. Learn what to include in your professional portfolio and how to organize it to dazzle would-be employers.