Personal Finance Round-Up: Valentine’s Day Date Ideas, For Love & Money

I struggle with Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t mean I love my wife any less than the guy who goes all out; it’s just that my wife isn’t all that romantic and I’m not all that creative. She doesn’t like foot rubs, manicures, facials, or any of the girly stuff that many guys give as gifts. She has a major sweet tooth, but chocolate and candy get old fast. It’s really hard to find a unique idea that she will love—and that neither of us will regret because it cost too much.

Well, thank goodness for the personal finance and frugal bloggers out there being more creative than I am. Cool to be Frugal has a great post, Valentine’s Day: Impress Your Partner Without Breaking the Bank, with a bunch of ideas of things that cost very little money, aren’t too extravagant, and still help your love shine through and make that special someone really feel appreciated. As long as my wife never reads this, I’m in the clear this year, and I’ll shamelessly take full credit for these ideas when she asks me how I came up with such great Valentine’s Day gifts. Feel free to do the same!

Read on to discover more ways to impress on Valentine’s Day and beyond:

Best Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day Romantics
One can never have too many ideas for frugal gifts with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. The theme with these suggestions is keeping it simple and enjoying each others company. [The Digerati Life]

It’s Not You, It’s Your Credit Score
A bad credit score can sour any relationship that’s getting a little more serious. Make sure your score is something to be proud of year round with these tips. [Index Credit Cards]

A College Student’s Tips on First Credit Cards
Young and in love? Well, if you’re trying to decide how to pay for those expensive Valentine’s Day gifts, check out these tips before reaching for that credit card application. [Credit Karma Blog]

5 Ways to Pay Down Your Mortgage without Betting It All on Green Bay
Have you ever bet more than you should have, just because you thought you had a sure thing? How did that work out? Here are some small, safe bets that will make a big difference, and they really are sure things. [Mighty Bargain Hunter]

6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car
Cars and their owners have a relationship that’s almost like that of a pet and an owner. Pet owners love and take good care of their pets, so why treat your car any differently? This post has some unique tips to keep you and your car together even longer. [Bible Money Matters]

5 Money Making Gimmicks and Marketing Snafus
We all make mistakes, that’s part of life. When they deal with money, they usually sting a bit more than others. Here are a few mistakes about money that got a lot of attention because of who was involved. [Wealth Artisan]

Beat Inflation by Buying These 7 Food Staples
Some things expire, and some don’t—like inflation. Inflation seems to be sticking around, but we can still fight it. These tricks can help reduce inflation’s affect on you and your family. [Financial Highway]

How to Protect Yourself Against 3 Common Scams
Another plague of this world is scams. Scams come in our emails, telephones, and even right to our front door. Check out these three scams, and do something to arm yourself. [Quizzle Wire]

What Are My Chances of Being Audited?
Tax time can be stressful, but getting a notification of an audit afterward can really put you on edge. Do you know your likelihood of getting audited? [The Wisdom Journal]

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