Save Some Money on Valentine’s Day While Being More Romantic

her money this Valentine’s Day, but the truth is that it is easier to spend more money than less money. I also know that spending less money forces you to be more creative, and creativity is usually more romantic than anything money can buy. Here are ten ways to make your Valentine’s memorable without spending a ton of money.

  1. Write about 10 – 20 notes and post them all around the house in places that he or she will find them
  2. Take him or her on a picnic in a romantic area or an area that is special to you both
  3. Create a CD or DVD of photos and songs that recreate your life together
  4. Cook Dinner and give him and her a coupon for other nights that you will cook dinner or do the dishes
  5. If you are musically inclined, wriite a song for your significant other. This always gets them!
  6. If you buy him or her a gift, create a scavenger hunt for him or her to go on to find the gift
  7. Create a coupon book for a back massage, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, or other random acts of kindness
  8. Make him or her a scrapbook of your relationship
  9. If you are married, try to recreate your honeymoon with certain things to remind you of it
  10. Take him or her to a local cultural event
  11. Some of these might seem obvious, but remember that it is never the money that goes into stuff, but it’s the time and effort that goes into it. Girls may like the flash at first, but the stuff that lasts is the sentimental gestures and gifts that last a lifetime.