• http://www.moneyistheroot.com Justin @ MoneyIsTheRoot

    Very thorough article. It’s nice to see someone explain the effects of inflation. We can’t just let out money sit in savings accounts and CD’s. Collectibles are a bit too risky for me, but I absolutely agree on dividend stocks. ADP is a great example of a dividend that meets inflation, and then the price gains outpace it…

  • Mart

    I have been keeping an eye on information on inflation. Money is a very interesting subject. I was searching the internet like always and found this website if anyone wants to check it out.


  • http://www.compoundingreturns.com Pat S

    Thank you both for the comments! I enjoyed doing a little more research into inflationary causes and hedging strategies myself.

  • Brody

    Pat, very matter of fact explanation regarding inflation.

    However, I think the bigger point is missed- Inflation is a hidden tax, imposed upon the American people, on purpose, by the U.S. Government, through the actions of the Federal Reserve. You hit upon this point above, under 1. Money Supply.

    Every American should read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, by E. Griffin. Pretty eye-opening, and I hope more people read this book, and understand where we are heading, on a national and global economic level.

  • http://twitter.com/BrokersWiki BrokersWiki

    Buy gold, this is the best protection against inflation.

  • atem


  • kisaakye doreen

    what are the effects of inflation

  • Angela

    Thanks Pat! I was working on a paper on inflation and was having a hard time finding articles that I could understand since I’m new to this stuff. After reading your article, I really can say that I have a better understanding.

  • Israr Khan

    Buy property is the best protection against the inflation

  • Providence Maduka

    Impressive work. Simple, understandable, and reliable. Hope to see more of your articles.

  • quedow

    well done…….this z much reliable n effective

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