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Reuse Centers Architectural Salvage Stores

How to Shop at Reuse Centers & Architectural Salvage Stores to...

One way to cut home improvement costs is to shop at reuse centers and architectural salvage stores, which sell salvage and surplus home construction materials at a fraction of their retail cost. The savings can be substantial. But it’s not right for everyone.
Buy Refurbished Electronics

Should I Buy Refurbished Electronics? – How It’s Different From New...

“Refurbished” isn’t just another word for “used.” Refurbished electronics are used, returned, or unboxed devices the seller has checked for problems and fixed to run like new. But are they a good deal? As with many things, the answer is: It depends.
Walmart App Cellphone Logo

14 Walmart Shopping Tips & Tricks to Save Money

Walmart’s claim to fame is offering exceptional value on a wide selection of products at competitively low prices. It may have retired the Savings Catcher, but there are still plenty of effective Walmart saving hacks savvy shoppers can use to keep even more money in their wallets.
Wine Glass Luxury

Luxury Items for Less: 7 Affordable Alternatives to Luxury Goods

Sometimes, you get what you pay for. But sometimes, spending more doesn’t get you anything in return. That’s often the case with these luxury items. And you can save big money buying alternatives that offer the same look or performance at a much more affordable price point.
Couponing Dos Donts

Couponing Do’s & Don’ts — How to Save Money Shopping With...

You’ve probably already used coupons at some point in your life. But to make your couponing efforts more successful, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the tips and tricks successful couponers use. By following these couponing do’s and avoiding the don’ts, you can trim your monthly spending.
Diderot Effect

Diderot Effect – Psychology of Buying Unnecessary Things & How to...

Have you ever bought something new that suddenly made your other possessions seem shabby in comparison? There’s a name for this phenomenon — the Diderot effect — and it can drive us into a costly cycle of consumption. Read on to learn about the Diderot effect and how to avoid its grasp.
Things Buy Not Buy Ikea

What to Buy and What Not to Buy at IKEA

Ikea’s colossal showroom, friendly employees, sustainability, solutions for small spaces, and low prices are appealing to many. But some argue it doesn't deliver on its promise of quality. However, there's real value to be found if you know where to look. These are the best and worst buys at Ikea.
Amazon Subscribe Save

Amazon Subscribe & Save – 9 Ways to Save the Most...

Not all subscription services are bad for your wallet. With Amazon Subscribe & Save, you can simplify your life and save up to 15% on thousands of Amazon products. But you can save even more if you know how to leverage all the power the service has to offer.
How To Save Pottery Barn

16 Best Ways to Save Money at Pottery Barn in 2021...

Pottery Barn is best known for its upscale products and stunning floor displays. But you don’t have to pay full price just because a store is stylish. Many money-saving Pottery Barn hacks can help you make your next home furnishings upgrade affordable without sacrificing quality.
Less Buying Engagement Ring

6 Ways to Save on an Engagement Ring – Cheap Diamond...

An engagement ring for your partner is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make — and definitely one of the most stressful, especially if you’re tight on cash. Fortunately, when it comes to ring shopping, there are several ways to reconcile big dreams with a less sizable budget.
Online Shopping Credit Cards

11 Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping – Reviews & Comparison

The credit cards you use for brick-and-mortar retail shopping may not be the best for online purchases. These cards boast above-average rewards and potentially valuable cardholder perks for shoppers who prefer to do the bulk of their purchasing digitally. Which is best for you? Find out here.
No Cash Accepted Dollar Sign Hands

Why Some Stores Are Not Accepting Cash – Is It Legal...

There have always been some retailers that don't accept credit cards. Now, an increasing number of businesses are accepting cards and digital payments while refusing to take cash. If that seems confusing to you, you’re not alone. But why do they do it — and is it even legal?