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Small Business

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Loan Stacking – What It Is and Why It’s Dangerous for...

With loan stacking, business owners can take out multiple loans within days, allowing them to draw on funds quickly and get the capital they need to grow. In theory, loan stacking sounds like a smart strategy for small businesses. But is loan stacking all it’s cracked up to be?
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How to Track Your Small-Business Expenses for Tax Deductions

Keeping track of your small-business expenses can qualify you for tax deductions — but only if you’ve kept a record of them. Thankfully, there are many reliable options for manual and digital expense tracking for you to choose from. Learn how to track expenses for small-business tax deductions.
How To Save Money On Business Travel

How to Save Money on Business Travel – 21 Ideas To...

Do you travel for business? Trade shows, conferences, networking events, and meeting new clients can require you to hop on a flight. With airfare, hotel costs, transportation, and general travel expenses, costs rack up quickly. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to save.
Commerce Platforms

8 Best Shopify Alternatives: E-Commerce Platforms for Online Business

Shopify is the go-to e-commerce solution for hundreds of thousands of small and midsize businesses. But it's definitely not the cheapest e-commerce provider on the block. If you’re looking for a lower-cost alternative to Shopify, here are some options to consider. 
Couple Computer Business Loan

5 Best Small-Business Loans & SBA Lenders of 2021

Millions of small-business owners rely on suboptimal sources of financing — or no financing at all. Whether you’re evaluating your company’s financing options for the first time or looking for a new lender to help grow your business, keep this list of the best small-business lenders close at hand.
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36 Best Ways to Make Money from Home (Legitimate)

You don't have to work for a progressive employer to take advantage of the work-from-home trend. Whether your goal is to build a sustainable passive income stream or simply earn a few extra bucks, all you need to work from home is a computer, a quiet space, and a strong work ethic.
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What Is Equity Crowdfunding – How These Investments Work, Pros &...

Traditional business lenders are often reluctant to fund new startups with unproven ideas. Equity crowdfunding is often the best option for cash-strapped entrepreneurs who can't afford to finance their projects by other means. Learn how equity crowdfunding works and the pros and cons of using it.
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How to Deal With Unpaid Invoices From Clients & Avoid Future...

As a freelancer, ideally you’d get paid in full and on time for each invoice you send out. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Learn how to handle payment issues when they arise by understanding what causes them, how to collect them, and preventing them from happening in the future.
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Top 9 Equity Crowdfunding Sites for Investors & Entrepreneurs

Equity crowdfunding offers a win-win proposition for investors and founders alike. Some equity crowdfunding portals are better than others, however, many with different deal structures and investment minimums. Here are several quality equity crowdfunding sites and investment platforms to consider.
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Retail Arbitrage Guide – Definition & How to Make Money Buying...

Arbitrage involves buying a good or service for a certain price and then reselling it at a higher price to take advantage of market pricing discrepancies. The concept is best described by the adage “buy low, sell high.” Learn the pros and cons of retail arbitrage and how to make money doing it.
Typewriter Security Deposit Text

Freelance Security Deposits – Should You Ask Clients for Upfront Payment?

Asking clients for a deposit is a great way to prevent nonpayments and unpaid invoices for your freelance services. If you’re a freelancer having trouble getting paid on time or you’re looking for ways to filter out flakey clients, learn whether and how to ask your clients for a deposit upfront.
Notebook Debt Equity Financing Pros Cons

Debt vs. Equity Financing – Which Is Better to Fund Your...

The cliche “it takes money to make money” contains a ring of truth for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a business. Most ways to finance a business involve either taking on debt or giving up equity. Before you choose, learn the pros and cons of financing your company with debt or equity.