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How Much Does a Divorce Cost? – Types & Ways to...

Everyone knows weddings can be expensive. But getting divorced can cost almost as much. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be so costly. If you and your partner can agree on significant issues, you can end your marriage for less — maybe even on the cheap.
Top View Wedding Planner Notebook Computer

How to Make a Wedding Budget – 6 Essential Steps for...

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of wedding planning. Things like the venue, decor, food, and attire can make it a truly magical time — until the bill arrives. Before viewing locations or booking your photographer, you need to create a wedding budget. Just follow these simple steps.
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17 Conversations to Have About Money Before Getting Married

The sooner you start having hard conversations with your partner, the better off you’ll be. So if you’ve been avoiding having the money talk with your partner, it’s time to open a bottle of wine, light a candle, and sit down for a financial date. Don’t know where to start? These prompts can help.
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11 Ways to Avoid a Financial Midlife Crisis

It’s not easy parting with the vigor, fitness, and attractiveness of youth, but midlife crises are expensive. Common midlife splurges and major life changes can be extremely costly. As you navigate the middle years of your adulthood, try these strategies to stop the emotional and financial bleeding.
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17 Ideas to Save Money When Planning Your Honeymoon on a...

After spending thousands on your wedding, the thought of spending thousands more on a romantic getaway probably doesn't sound appealing. So try these strategies to reduce the cost of your honeymoon and ease its financial impact without sacrificing romance or relaxation.
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How to Save Money on Wedding Photographers & Videographers

The average cost of an American wedding is almost $30,000, and wedding photography and videography account for a whopping 15% of the total. If you're fretting about how you're going to pay for them, use these tips for getting less expensive professional wedding photography and videography.
Married Couple Kissing Wedding Ceremony

How to Save Money on Your Wedding – Guide to Get...

Weddings are one of the biggest — and most expensive — events in many people’s lives. But they don’t have to be. Start your lives together on solid financial footing by setting a reasonable wedding budget and sticking to it. We’ve gathered our best tips on how to do just that.
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12 Ways to Save Money & the Environment With a Green...

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. You want it to be fabulous! But the average wedding comes with a lot of waste and cost. Most nuptial staples aren’t made with the environment or your wallet in mind. But all hope is not lost thanks to these money- and environment-saving tips.
Cheap Wedding Reception Food Drink Menu

49 Ways to Save on Wedding Food & Drink Costs –...

Weddings can be expensive. And the amount you spend on food and drink for the reception is a big culprit. These modern wedding savings tips can help you limit what you spend on bites and beverages for your guests with minimal impact on how you experience your big day.
Back Child Support

How Back Child Support Works – Paying or Collecting

In the U.S., both parents are legally expected to provide financial support for a child, even if they live in separate households. What happens if child support payments aren’t paid, and how can you avoid owing back child support? Learn more here.
Spousal Ira Rules Eligibility

What Is a Spousal IRA – Rules, Eligibility & Benefits

For families with a nonworking spouse, the IRS allows both spouses to contribute to IRAs based on the joint household income to help them save more money for retirement. Learn about spousal IRAs, their rules, who is eligible to contribute, and the benefits of using these tax-sheltered accounts.
Less Buying Engagement Ring

6 Ways to Save on an Engagement Ring – Cheap Diamond...

An engagement ring for your partner is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make — and definitely one of the most stressful, especially if you’re tight on cash. Fortunately, when it comes to ring shopping, there are several ways to reconcile big dreams with a less sizable budget.