Personal Finance Round-Up: What New Year Goals Will 2011 Bring in Your Life?

As the weight of the new year sets in we start to realize some of our goals that have been set aren’t as important as they seemed in the buzz of the New Year’s party. We then shift our energy to things that are important like increasing our productivity, improving time management skill or simply making more money to better help us get out of debt.

Ramit Sethi, the founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich (and author of NYT Best Selling book of the same title) is thinking the same thing. He is declaring 2011 the year of the Hustle; a year to get the most out of our activities and our time, to increase income, increase the impact of our activities on our lives and in turn do what we want to do.

There are a lot of expectations for the new year as well as predictions about what 2011 will bring. Here are a few more of each:

The Magic 8 Ball Makes Its Predictions for 2011
Len Penzo continues his tradition of asking the Magic 8 ball what will come in 2011. Last years predictions, some fulfilled and some forgotten, were pretty interesting and yet again Len doesn’t disappoint. [Len Penzo Dot Com]

Credit Score Roulette
In the spirit of reviewing the previous year, and hoping to improve the next, these friends make wagers on their credit scores. The loser buys dinner so the stakes are high and it helps keep them financially accountable. [Find The Best Car Price]

Creating Multiple Streams of Income
One proven way to increasing income is to find small ways that when added together make a big difference on what you bring home. Here’s a great place to start when thinking about increasing income. [Planting Dollars]

Bill Paying Strategies To Help Find Your Spending Balance
Predictions are fun, but even funner is making changes in your life that you can see results from now and in the future. Changing the way you spend will have a great impact on your life forever. Here are some guidelines to follow when looking for your spend and save balance. [The Digerati Life]

Life After Salary: COBRA vs. Individual Health Insurance
Each year as the economy gets worse and finding an employer gets harder, many people are turning to their own devices to create an income for themselves. Insurance is one of the biggest factors that keep people working for an employer but there are other options, some of which are reviewed here. [Consumerism Commentary]

Got A Debt Problem? Tips To Cure A Debt Hangover
Debt Hangover is one that not even Prairie Oysters can take the edge off. The real cure lies in getting on with things and continually looking for ways to make more money to throw at your debt. This piece has more great tips that can help. [Not Made Of Money]

2011: The year of the raise
It’s been said that a down economy is the best time to ask for a raise because hiring and training employees is expensive. Follow these tips to make your plea a reality. [Three Thrifty Guys]

Stable Government Jobs Promote Laziness
This is quite the claim. Government employees traditionally get raises on a regular basis. Does the fact that promotions and raises come regularly in government cause people to get lazy in their jobs? [Sweating the Big Stuff]

Brace Yourself for $5-per-Gallon Gas
Another very painful prediction. Will gas really get back to these record and damaging highs? No matter the price of gas though, there are ways you can cut down on how often you buy by creating good driving habits. [Frugal Dad]

Lose Weight & Save Money in 2011
A common New Year’s Resolution but one that far too often goes unfinished. Getting into shape is mostly about being healthy and living longer but few people think about the financial aspect of money. This infograph maps it out quite nicely. []

(photo credit: Svenstorm)

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