Personal Finance Round-Up: New Year Goals and a Clean Slate

The new year is such a great feeling when you can review the past but focus more on the future and things to come; it’s a time for planning, dreaming but most of all, starting over. All your previous years goals can be reworked or simply removed from your plate and you can go on to create new goals and new plans for the next year.

A lot can change in a year though and one thing you should always remember to review is your tax withholdings as reminded by My Journey to Millions. In his article titled What is a W-4? Updating My W-4 he gives a bit of info about W-4 documents that are what is used to elect taxable withholdings and describes the way he does things. If you have had any major event in your life such as a child birth, your tax situation will change too and it’s a good idea to be on top of that every year.

Everyone is making big plans for the new year, here are what some others are doing:

On Resolutions and Homeruns: You Gotta to Believe
You can never know how the little things you do or say affect others but this story details how someone’s words affecting a young mans way of playing Baseball. Even though the player was weathered, someone seeing potential in him and letting him know changed his game entirely. [The Writers Coin]

How to Find Agreement with Your Spouse about Money
As you are going through your financial review this month and preparing for the rest of the year, do you find yourself struggling to see eye to eye with your spouse or partner? It’s difficult to discuss money and not have some disagreement with others but this article can help you find a happy medium. [Couple Money]

12 easy steps to use eBay and pay down holiday credit card debt
As you start the new year, there’s is a good chance you have some remaining debt from last year or even debt accumulated during the Christmas holiday; most of the country does. The best time to ditch that debt is now no matter the time of year so check out this article detailing how to use eBay to get ahead. [Money Blue Book]

One resolution a month
Enthusiasm and optimism runs wild during the new year, at least for January until you start to slip here or there in your goals and come crashing down. It happens to all of us. What if you did things a little different this year? Instead of making 15 goals for the year, make one a month. You may find with small stepping stones you will be more successful this year. [Brip Blap]

Should You Move To Find A Better Job?
Unemployment is still on the rise and chances are you or someone you know is still looking for a job. Some areas of the country are worse off than others but have you thought about moving to find a job some place else? [Wealth Pilgrim]

10 Tips To Save Money On Your Driving Costs
It’s time to start some good habits for the year and for life. One habit that all of us have is how we drive. You could be a heavy-footed driver or a jack-rabbit starter and now is the time to change that. By driving smarter, you can save money at the pump and at the mechanic so check out these tips. [Canadian Finance Blog]

7 Tips To Ask Your Boss for a Pay Raise
One of the best ways to increase income is to ask for a raise where you already work. There is a wrong way and a right way to do that, both detailed in this article. The more prepared you are, the better your outcome will be so read this over before approaching your boss. [Christian PF]

Six (and a Half) Steps to Financial Stability
The way to financial freedom isn’t as complicated as it is often made out to be. Every action you make has a distinct outcome, even when investing in the volatile stock market. Check out this walkthrough to a more comfortable life with 6 and a half easy steps. [Money Under 30]

4 Ways to Slash Your Personal Budget Fast
While reviewing your financials this month, you are bound to find some ways to cut back but here are a few that are worthy of reitteration. They are some of the most common yet most costly areas of life. [Quizzle Wire]

Why (and How) Some People Succeed in Business Without Getting an MBA
If you’re considering going back to school this year to further yourself in your chosen career, keep in mind that getting an MBA is not always necessary. There are other ways to get ahead and even stand out in any field. Check these out. [Free Money Finance]

Do you have big plans  for the new year?

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