Websites and Mobile Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

At Money Crashers, we’re serious about setting goals and accomplishing those goals. If you set goals for your money with regards to eliminating debt, saving money, organizing your finances, and preparing for retirement, you’ll find yourself a much wealthier person in the future. Not only do we want to help you set goals for 2010, we want to help you accomplish those goals, because setting goals doesn’t mean jack if you don’t make progress to accomplishing them. That’s one reason we put together one of the largest giveaways ever in the personal finance blogger community. We’re also committed to pointing you in the right direction to resources that can help you track your progress to accomplish your goals.

Links To Articles For Web Apps

Links To Articles For Mobile Apps

So now you’ve got no excuses for not reaching your New Year’s goals/resolutions! If you have any more websites or apps to share, we want to hear them!

  • Sean

    I picked up weightbot for the iPhone today. Great little app for tracking your weight if that is your resolution, very nice looking and does exactly what you need it to. For the money end of things,’s iPhone app is unbeatable for tracking your money.

  • Connie

    Are you going to have a goal tracking section on your website? That would be so cool. I’ve been to 43things and a few other ones and they are a little too cutesy for me.

    I would love to win one of the prizes to help with our goals.

  • Mac

    You got a couple good links there. Lifehacker is one of my personal favorites.
    Though making new years resolutions has never been very successful for me, so this year I decided that instead of a resolution, I would have a motto: Don’t be lazy. Simple, but so far quite effective.

  • Anissa

    I really like the website as it helps me keep track of all my finances in one place.

  • Karmella

    If only they had an app to make me use the apps that I bought to keep my resolutions! No, seriously.

    When I used Lose It, it was great and helpful (and free) but I fell off the wagon.

    Good lists though – I am sure I will be back to try at least some of them.

  • Mike

    Thanks, I’ll be sure to check these out to keep track of my resolutions.

  • Gina

    I like the recent posts that Lynnae at has posted.

    • Gina

      Woops! Her blog is at–sorry for the mistake!

  • Ken

    Nest sites….I’ll be giving these a visit.

  • Lauren

    I’ve tried a couple of the apps on the list and didn’t particularly care for them. I tried iFitness but I didn’t find it helpful. Maybe I didn’t know how to use it properly. The Mint app was always days behind on my account balances. I found it easier just to use my bank’s app. I also like the Sparkspeople and Lose It apps for weight management.

  • Audra

    An iPhone app that I use a lot while eating out is “Restaurants”. It’s a quick way to look up popular restaurant items and see nutritional/calorie facts. For instance, if I click on Bojangles and click over to their biscuits category, I see quickly that even though I want to order 10 cinnamon biscuits, that may not be a good choice. lol Good for anyone with a resolution to lose weight or get healthy this year. (I think this app is free too, can’t remember.)

  • jeccica simpson

    It’s all about resources and tools. The iPhone apps are very resourceful, anything that helps you a little bit closer to reaching your goals, I am all for it. Tools are your friends!!

  • Karmella

    Just now reading the Lifehacker post – I am intrigued by the Ben Franklin virtue chart! I think I might try to adapt that for myself.